One Fifth of People Arriving in Spain Land in Palma de Mallorca

palma-airportThose who are thinking that the real estate market in Mallorca has seen better days, are getting a wakeup call from official transport figures which indicate that as much as 20% of all low-cost passengers arriving in Spain land in Palma de Mallorca.

What does this mean for the properties for sale Mallorca? Well, it means the island is enjoying greater than ever popularity and since the hotel infrastructure can’t handle all this boom in business, rental homeowners on the coast will surely have to benefit from the increase.

The numbers are even higher when looking at the Balerics as a region, because between January and October this year, 5.9 million people have passed through Son Sant Juan airport as low-cost passengers, according to data provided by the Institute of Tourism Studies. This represents a 12% increase in traffic since last year. When talking about the whole Balearics region that number increases to 7.6 million passenger arrivals, at a time when the national total for that same period was 32.2 million.

In October alone, Palma airport saw 610.000 people pass through its gates on low-cost airlines which represents 4 fifths of the total arrivals to the Balearics and 15% more than the same month the previous year.

The figures don’t lie and it seems that now Mallorca and Palma in particular are enjoying record-breaking numbers of tourists even towards the end of the traditional season. If we are to connect this with the recent drop in property value which has affected all of Spain, we understand why that drop was significantly lower in Mallorca and why analysts predict that by next year figures will begin to go up again, thus attracting more investors.

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