More Winter Flights to Mallorca

Among the air carriers that are currently announcing more flights to Mallorca in the “off season” period are British airways, easyJet and Monarch. This measure is a joint effort by the local authorities and the Spanish government to increase awareness that the island of Mallorca is much more than a sand and sun destinations.

It’s interesting to notice the positive response that the Balearics are getting from the British Isles which is not more than 2 hours by plane. British Airways was the first to announce the extension of their flight to Mallorca and Ibiza in winter with a twice weekly flight from London City Airport.

The next airline to follow was easyJet which as of August announced a twice weekly flight from Glasgow to Palma. There are also flights available from London Gatwick and London Stansted, not to mention from Bristol and Liverpool.

The link between Manchester and the islands will be handled by Monarch which also announced winter flights for its 2012/2013 schedule. These flights too will be on a twice weekly basis.

The locals are hoping to thus increase their tourist incomes well through the winter season which up to now was dead except for professional athletes and semi-permanent residents from other countries.

Also, this could possibly be a boost to the Mallorca real estate market with more people looking to rent short term or long term on the island.

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