Medieval Inquisition Headquarters to Become Luxury Hotel?

An old neglected manor house from the 15th century that has served in the past as the headquarters for the dreaded Inquistion has been sold by the local government at pubic option and might become a luxury hotel.

The building is called Can Fabregues, and apart from its central position, in the heart of Palma’s old town, it’s also a historical landmark, offering a glimpse into the past days of the city. However, sadly, the Can Fabregues manor behind the Sant Francesc church has been in a deplorable state of disrepair for years, with only one previous attempt at restoration back in 1992, which ended in failure.

This was one of the main reasons why the local authorities who lack the funding to bring it back to gory, have decided to put it up for auction, despite its historical importance. The auction was won by Miguel Moragues, an entrepreneur who is famed for bringing old buildings back to life and setting up small luxury hotels inside. He is responsible for another restoration in Palma, the Can Cera, a historical house which he has converted into a luxury boutique.

It’s not sure what he is going to do with his new acquisition but the fact that he is set to open another small luxury hotel in April, just a couple of streets from his latest purchase, has led to speculation that Can Fabregues will also be turned into a hotel.

The building was the local inquisition headquarters for almost a century, during which time it was known as the “Llonjeta de l’Inquisidor Gual” and it served a most sinister purpose: it served as a place of torturing heretical Jews. But the fact of the matter is that the mansion is an architectural gem, featuring a mix of different styles, from Gothic to Neoclassical, not to mention a scenic spot in Palma’s old town.

Regardless of what the new owner will choose to do with his recent acquisition, the locals and the tourists can rejoice at the thought that this important landmark will be restored to its former beauty and live on as a testament to the continuity of culture in Mallorca.

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