Mallorca Pirate-Themed Hotel

A new hotel is set to be opened on the main strip of Santa Ponsa in the fashionable Palma de Mallorca. However, it won’t be just another hotel you’ll be able to stroll by without noticing, because this will be a themed hotel and the theme that was chosen by the designers is pirates.

If you’ve enjoyed the universe of the pirate movies and books, you’ll definitely enjoy your stay at the Pirate Village Hotel. The inauguration date is set for April 12th, as works are still under way to open this unique venue on the Ponsa strip. In fact, the hotel was set to be opened later on in the tourist season, by high booking rates and an increased interest in thier venture has pushed the schedule forward.

The investors in this project have mentioned that their guests will be very pleased during their stay here and amazed by the attention that has gone into acquiring a never-before-seen level of details. That and the numerous oddities like the staff wearing eye-patches and peg legs will make their stay as authentic as possible.

The hotel owners have also taken into consideration vacation packages for the entire family. When the parents will be enjoying shows and theme parties, the children can enjoy themselves with many activities in the hotel’s facilities which include a bouncy castle, a side football pitch, a giant hand-shaped climbing frame and a stage for mini theatrical productions. It’s safe to say the little ones won’t be getting bored anytime soon, leaving the parents to enjoy their vacation in Mallorca.

This new piece of property in Mallorca will attract more tourists and revenues, hope the investors. Santa Ponsa is an already popular destination for the somewhat older British tourists and it has been for the past 40 years. It is said that this new hotel will bring a breath of fresh air to the region and also more interest from tourists for the region.

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