Mallorca Farmhouses Discounted for the Easter Holiday

It seems that the holiday planning is already underway for some people, and the ever-welcoming people of the Balearics are already thinking ahead. After a particularly low period due to the off-season and a drop in the property Mallorca, the locals are eager to get back to the center of attention.

News has reached us that there are already discounts being programmed for the Easter holiday, for the lovely and very rustic Mallorca farmhouses. These are known locally as fincas, and although you’d be self-catering, they are still one of the best ways to enjoy the real Mallorca experience. For those who love privacy, this is the perfect alternative, since almost all farmhouses come with their own pool and with a small garden and recreation area.

Most of these farmhouses and property for sale in Mallorca have won international recognition and offer high quality services at what can be described as affordable prices, especially during the Easter holiday, when discounts can get as high as 15%.

Ranging from 2 to 5 or 6 rooms for two, the Fincas are great especially for family vacations but also for large groups who want to spend as much time together. Although the name farmhouse might sound a bit off-putting to some, you have to realize that most of these constructions are new and were built with a tourist purpose in mind. The only resemblance they have with a farmhouse is actually the rustic outside look and the elements of the interior. Other than that, think of them as holiday villas on the Mallorca coast.

Easter is a good time to visit Mallorca island, since the weather is warm, there are plenty of beaches hidden away in isolated bays either in the countryside or just outside some quiet coastal village. Short flight times from most European main cities as well as short transfer times from the Son Sant Juan airport in Mallorca, make this an accessible destination.

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