Mallorca As a Holiday Destination For the Stars

Slowly but surely, Mallorca is coming out of its anonymity. Up until a couple of years ago it was simply known as the island near Ibiza, the place where you only went if you wanted a boring holiday with your folks. But today, more and more people are tapping into that Balearic potential, and not just everyday people, but also the stars.

This summer, many celebrities have chosen the Mallorquin shores as a destination for their holidays. The most noteworthy were the British Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife who were spotted enjoying a coffee at one of the many bars in Palma. The couple is regulars of the Balearics, because last year they have vacationed on sister island Ibiza.

Among other famous names that have visited Mallorca there are British supermodel Kate Moss who regularly shows up in her yacht for wild parties with friends, Formula 1 pilot Fernando Alonso who was spotted aboard a luxury yacht together with his Russian girlfriend, American singers Jay Z and Beyonce who seem to have become fans of the Mediterranean since last year they were seen yachting in Croatia and also Jude Law and Sienna Miller, both British actors and tabloid regulars.

To this list you can add the names of stars that have chosen Mallorca as a permanent summer location by building holiday homes here. We’re talking about tennis man Rafael Nadal, Formula 1 pilot Michael Schumacher and supermodel Claudia Schiffer.

So at the moment Mallorca is a hot ticket, both in the tourist market but also in the real estate department, with more celebrities grabbing up properties on the islands. Hurry up and grab your share.

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