Foreign Population in Mallorca on the Decrease

The former sleepy Balearic island of Mallorca is currently under a virtual invasion from all sorts of people coming here from all over the Globe, and not just for the holidays – some come here to stay. This has changed lately as numbers have began dropping in certain regions of the island.

That’s why it seems that the second language spoken in Mallorca is German, while there are also thriving British communities. But the latest numbers show a slight decline in the number of expats on the island, indicating also to a slight decrease in Mallorca’s popularity.

The largest decrease was registered by Calvia, wherefrom a total of 487 people have left. These numbers are for the year 2012 when compared to the previous year. However, not all regions have registered a decrease. Places like Palma, Pollenca and Santayi have seen a slight increase, with up to a hundred new residents moving in.

The German community is still the largest on the island with 36,758 registered residents, followed by the Moroccan community with numbers 24,270 people. British residents come third at just 23,804 people.

Another interesting trend is the decrease in South American population, mainly leaving Mallorca due to the lack of jobs. The South American governments are offering repatriation schemes to help them return to their homeland.

Overall, Mallorca is still the region with the most foreign residents in Spain and it doesn’t look like that will change very soon. However, the decrease of foreign nationals will have some effect on the property market in Mallorca. The people who are leaving Mallorca are also leaving behind property, whether for rent or for sale, which will, in the end, lead to a decrease in the rental and purchase price.

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