Estate Donated by Couple to Protect the Mallorca Black Vulture

In an odd bit of news, a German/Swiss couple has given up their 1000 acre property in northwest Mallorca to the Mediterranean Wildlife Foundation (FVSM). But, odd as it may be, this act will help protect the native Mallorca Black Vulture, an endemic species which is currently endangered.

Resisting offers from potential clients and real estate agents all over Mallorca, Enrique and Heidi Gildemeister have decided that their property in the north of Mallorca between Pollenca and Escorca near the coastline shall remain untouched by developers and become a haven for birds, especially for the black vulture.

As a testament to their love for the land, the couple has only cultivated organically and was careful not to use anything that could harm the local ecosystem. So it’s no wonder that their land was soon colonized by a large colony of black vultures and hawks. It also helps that the surrounding area is banned from urban exploitation which means flora and fauna can flourish here undeterred.

In later years, the population of black vultures,  species found in the world today only in Mallorca, has been decreasing steadily with only one chick being born per year but this year, there have already been two hatches, a fact which gives hopes to people involved in rescuing this species.

It’s also heartwarming to see that some people put their love of the land before monetary gains by selling Mallorca real estate or taking advantage of their purchases.


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