Buyers Attracted to Mallorca by Golf Facilities

That Mallorca is a holiday destination with a lot of relaxing possibilities is a known fact. This is why the tourism industry boomed in the 70s and is still going strong today. In fact, it went so good that people were not only returning in higher numbers but some of them decided that it would be good to purchase homes here.

Today, as the economic crisis looms deeper and deeper on the Spanish economy, the Balearic islands (Mallorca included) see themselves also dropping in the real estate market. In order to combat this decrease, the locals were forced to adopt different measures to attract the buyers once more. One of the more popular methods is the increasing popularity of golf properties.

Apparently, the property in Mallorca is becoming more popular with golfers since the overall income generated by golf tourism reached a whopping 161 million euro in 2011. And seeing as how Mallorca is hosting 24 of the 26 gold course in the Balearics, it’s easy to see where the money is coming from.

The advantage of the Mallorca real estate when it comes to golf is pretty obvious: not only are the grounds close to one another but also the local weather affords the player 12 months of play time. That’s why so many German, British and Swizz players are snatching up properties next to fairways to such an extent that experts say it has become second in popularity to seafront popularity.

Add to that the local tournaments and the famous golf courses such as Robert Trent Jones Junior or the Golf Son Gual just 30 minutes from Palma and you understand why golfing enthusiasts from all over Europe are coming here to purchase Mallorca real estate.

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