British Comedy Film Could Boost Mallorca Property Market

mallorca-real-estate-magalufIn a strange twist of events, it may happen that shooting a comedy on location in Mallorca could prove beneficial for the local Mallorca real estate market.

The movie is called “The Inbetweeners” and is a comedy about four socially-troubled teens hailing from the South of England who go on a holiday to Malia in Greece for a good time that transforms into a summer adventure full of laughs.

Although the plot calls the destination of the 18-year-old as Malia in Greece, the movie was actually shot in Mallorca in Spain taking into consideration the fact that most of the audience won’t be able to spot the difference. The exact resort where the filming took place is Magaluf resort and locals are already preparing for waves of teenagers to flock to these shores in search of a good time once the real location of the film is revealed to the general public.

The resort Magaluf is already known among party-seekers across Europe as a happening place when it comes to having a good time, but this recent movie can only be a good influence to that already good reputation. Located just to the west of Palma de Mallorca in the bay of Palma, Magaluf is still waiting to reach its full potential.

What does that mean to the property owners in Mallorca? It means that many of those owners could cover the cost of their second homes by renting out to groups of tourists coming here to see for themselves what the deal is.

Analysts and local Mallorca real estate experts are already taking into consideration the positive effects this film will have on the market and are predicting a rise in sales, especially since last month the Spanish government made a decision that surely is to the liking of all proprietors on the island. They announced that it would halve the value added tax charged on purchases of newly-built houses until this years’ end.

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