A third of British Tourists Have Named Spain as Their Favorite

It’s a well known fact that the Brits have a soft spot for Spain, almost as much as the Germans do which have pretty much colonized some parts of the country. This find is based on reports from local airlines that confirm the popularity Spain in general and Mallorca property in particular has with UK residents.

Property sellers and renters in Mallorca can only rejoice at this news which can only mean that there will be a lucrative market in the next tourist season as well. The report which confirmed Spain’s popularity also adds that Brits consider taking a vacation each year as vital for their health and as many as 1 in 3 considering the Iberian peninsula as their favorite location.

The report was made by low-cost airline Jet2 and it’s called “What’s Hot in 2012?” and it refers to the general tendencies travelers have followed in 2011 and will likely continue in 2012. But we’re just interested in the hard data that comes with the numbers they provide.

In fact, so many tourists fall in love with the places they visit during their summer holidays that many of them return to purchase properties in Mallorca.  The most preferred locations are the ones as close to the beach as possible, with the newest year of build and respecting the architectural style of the islands.

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