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Mallorca Property FinderThe Balearics are one of the most popular parts of the Mediterranean, and not just for Spanish people, more and more tourists decide that this would be a great place to spend the summer. The Mallorca property in particular, has the most real estate potential and some of the most expansive real estate markets in the Balearics.

On Mallorca Property finder you’ll get access to the best properties for sale in Mallorca opportunities, the best offers both for renting property in Mallorca and for selling also. Properties in Mallorca are listed on our site so we invite you to check out our offer in case you’re thinking of buying a home on the island or just renting out a house for the summer. Continue reading

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Better Days for the Mallorca Property Market?

Everyone in the Mallorca property market, both owners and agencies, were looking for a ray of sunshine that would improve the standings on an overall decreasing market for several years, which have been connected with the economic crisis.

Now it would seem that some of the signs from the Mallorca real estate market are turning from negative to positive. One of the local valuation companies, Tinsa, is reporting that the property market in Mallorca, the Balearic Islands overall and the Canary Islands has increased in value from April last year to April this year. Continue reading

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Mallorca Pirate-Themed Hotel

A new hotel is set to be opened on the main strip of Santa Ponsa in the fashionable Palma de Mallorca. However, it won’t be just another hotel you’ll be able to stroll by without noticing, because this will be a themed hotel and the theme that was chosen by the designers is pirates.

If you’ve enjoyed the universe of the pirate movies and books, you’ll definitely enjoy your stay at the Pirate Village Hotel. The inauguration date is set for April 12th, as works are still under way to open this unique venue on the Ponsa strip. In fact, the hotel was set to be opened later on in the tourist season, by high booking rates and an increased interest in thier venture has pushed the schedule forward. Continue reading

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Medieval Inquisition Headquarters to Become Luxury Hotel?

An old neglected manor house from the 15th century that has served in the past as the headquarters for the dreaded Inquistion has been sold by the local government at pubic option and might become a luxury hotel.

The building is called Can Fabregues, and apart from its central position, in the heart of Palma’s old town, it’s also a historical landmark, offering a glimpse into the past days of the city. However, sadly, the Can Fabregues manor behind the Sant Francesc church has been in a deplorable state of disrepair for years, with only one previous attempt at restoration back in 1992, which ended in failure. Continue reading

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Foreign Population in Mallorca on the Decrease

The former sleepy Balearic island of Mallorca is currently under a virtual invasion from all sorts of people coming here from all over the Globe, and not just for the holidays – some come here to stay. This has changed lately as numbers have began dropping in certain regions of the island.

That’s why it seems that the second language spoken in Mallorca is German, while there are also thriving British communities. But the latest numbers show a slight decline in the number of expats on the island, indicating also to a slight decrease in Mallorca’s popularity. Continue reading

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The Year 2012 in Real Estate Sales in Mallorca

The year of 2012 seems to be ending on a high note as all real estate agents and companies are rounding up their sales and making their reports. So has it been a good year or a bad year? Read below to find out.

2012 seems to not have been such a disaster as financial experts originally predicted. On the entire island there were 683 property sales in October alone, which represents a 30% increase from the same interval in the previous year. In August too there was an increase from 2011, but it was valued at just 9%. This makes the Balearics the second most attractive place in Spain from a real estate point of view after the Castilla La Mancha region on the mainland. Continue reading

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